Sarah Louise Interiors reached out to izest Start at the end of 2020 as she had seen an increase in sales over the course of the year and she now wanted to focus more attention on the business and her digital marketing strategy to capitalise on the growing interest in online interiors shopping.


izest Start began by conducting a brand strategy session with Sarah Louise Interiors to better understand and clarify her business objectives and her growth aspirations. This included a social media audit and competitor analysis as the majority of her business was being driven through her Instagram page but there was so much potential for social to drive even more business for the brand. Following on from the strategy session we created a brand book for Sarah Louise Interiors which outlined her brand story, tone of voice, customer personas and her vision and mission for the business. A social media strategy was developed and based on her available ad spend we advised that she focus her digital advertising to social media. To maximise the reach and effectiveness of her ad spend, we focused on best selling items and increasing overall brand awareness.


Within the first month of implementing our strategy, she saw an allocation of 19% in sales attributed to social media advertising and overall sales increased by 6%. She achieved an ROI of approx €18 on every €1 spent. She also saw a impressive jump in her social media conversion as she started to implement some of the content ideas that we had outlined in her social media strategy. izest Start are still working with Sarah Louise Interiors on a retainer basis to manage her advertising spend.